Bugatti circuit, LeMans 9/4/2016

This year Sidecar World Championship are racing F1 and F2 sidecars in a same race and this is a last season when FIM allows to race with 1000cc engines and what is a reason for best sidecar racers to be on same place – and same time!

We tried to feel better on our new bike and day before race Qval1+Qval2 in total we get 23rd start position from 27 sidecars! The racing day did it started to rain and race got wet!

It did went smoothly well in first start, but after very wet 5 laps by red flags race cancelled and waiting for restart! In second start didn’t went so well by mechanic mistake, but it did made interesting after running race for us! With couple times very close racing we did cross finish line in 20th position write after TT Isle of Man legend David Molyneox/Daniel Sayle and total in F1 class 15th position we get our first this season’s GP point! Happy about result!