Botnia ring 23-24/5/2015

2015 season starts in Botnia ring, Finland!

After long winter hour´s in garage our red sidecar formula is going one step up and getting new hart beats with Suzuki K8 engine in it! It did went good in trainings, but qualifications was in a rain and we reach 6th position!

Sprint race was still wet track and lap after lap we get more comfortable on a bike! Two and half laps before finish flag we catch up in 3rd position raicing Pasi Vepsä/Aksel Oksanen, and after straight line, before rigrt corner we did brake out of track! Quickly as possible push back bike on a track, but as a result of, gear shifter become bended and Tomas had no possibily to change gears and race finnished with ony 3rd gear! Interesting, but in “anger” we did our best lap time with racing with only 3rd gear!

Gold race went as we plan`d! In first start corner from 6th to 4th position till finish line! …..Happy! 🙂

Qualification: 6th position

Sprint race: 6th position

Gold race: 4th position

Total in Finnish champ: 3-4 position