12 months ago

1 year ago

What a weekend we had with “ups” and “downs”.

Qval 1:
Electronic failure for a bike.
Qval 2:
Destroyed engine in lap 3.

Directly after qualification we did start change another spear ... See more

1 year ago

Shortly how did it went today. 🎉🇸🇪😉

1 year ago

This weekend is going to be sunny and funny in Czech Republic, circuit Brno.
First practice gone well until gear shif broke, so everything is nearly prepared for tomorrow’s qualification and race. ... See more

1 year ago

Race Nr2:
Red flag down and green up! 🏁
Start and very aggressive first corner, so there was fairing bending und pushing us down to 7th position, but not long ago we fight back to second position. ... See more

1 year ago

A little update from team…
We have been maintaining bike for last weeks and finally are on our way to season’s first competition in Croix-en-Ternois, France.
Still snow and below 0 ... See more

1 year ago

Bike is in the van now 😎tomorow we go to France and the Northern Sidecar Cup👍🏻💪🏻

1 year ago

This is the situation tight now😳Engine is running👌almost ready with gear shifter on right side 👍🏻 We think bike is ready wensday 😎So we can go fore some racing in Northern Sidecar ... See more


F350 Sidecar

Joe Heys/Suzuki

350 cc

60 hp

F2 Sidecar


600 cc

112 hp

F1 Sidecar


1000 cc

180 hp